Since 1974 Team Santilli is not a normal workshop but much more.
Team Santilli is a feeling of passion, love and will. Since our birth we have done our work with a smile, without ever getting tired, but rather surprising us more every day.
Curiosity and passion are the engines that drive our company forward.
By relying on us you are not choosing only competence and knowledge but a real family that will welcome you and fulfill all your problems, from the control units to the exhaust systems, always with the same desire, without ever getting tired.
Santilliteam is quality, we offer highly specialized services, which cannot be found in the national territory.
Our workshop will always be ready to welcome you, to listen to your problems and solve them.
We have made our work a work of art, which you can choose to own too.
We have built our company with dedication and sweat, starting from nothing and not giving up, everything was built thanks to the love for our work, so we offer a service made especially for you, which you decide to entrust to us.